Infosec Gap Analysis

Taking the Proactive Approach to System Security and Compliance

No matter the industry, maintaining compliance in today’s market is challenging and ambiguous. BlueROCK’s team can assess your systems for cybersecurity risk, as well as guide you through the process of becoming compliant.

Our Expertise

Whether preparing for an audit or looking to validate the areas where compliance is mandatory, our expertise includes, HIPAAPCI, ISO, GDPR, SOX, HL7

Cybercrime breaches and attacks increased nearly 40% last year, challenging cyber security leadership to invest in stronger and more sophisticated defenses. According to a recent survey, only 22% of IT Leaders factored Information Security into their budget. Taking proactive measures to minimize risk is far more cost-effective than recovering from the damage of cyber-attacks, as the average cost of a data breach is over $9 million.

Our SMEs will identify and overcome any security shortcomings with a customized solution to harden systems and stay ahead of any threats.

Fundamentals of Cyber Security

By addressing gaps in security we will …


Help Allocate Resources to get ahead of attacks


Mitigate Risks


Craft the solution together


Develop a reliable strategy to secure your business

Graph about Cyber Security